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  • Need Affordable Technical Support?

    With our years of experience, we will solve your problems!

    Something Wrong with Your Computer?

    Simply bring it to us and we’ll perform a free diagnostic and provide you with an exact quote to fix it.

    Did You Lose Important Data?

    Our data recovery experts can recover data from laptops, desktops, and servers running all types of operating systems.

    Networking Solutions

    Is your under-performing network affecting your productivity? We provide strategy consulting and solutions to ensure it is optimized for efficiency.

  • Computer Castle is aimed to help small businesses succeed. 

  • Windows not running properly? Ask how we can help.

  • Our Data Recovery skills can save important documents and photos.

  • Laptop repair can be done right in our office located on Orange Ave.

  • Get effective removal of Malware, Spyware, Trojans, PUPs, and more. 

  • Majority of our services can be done onsite, quick and efficiently. 

  • We provide consulting and solutions to ensure your network is optimized for efficiency.

  • Does your business require added security? Ask how we can help!

  • Our IT services are performed by qualified IT program managers. We feature reliable, expert service and solutions at competitive pricing. 

    When you need fast, expert help setting up, maintaining and managing your business computer systems, turn to Computer Castle. 

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  • Over the Top Service: The team at Computer Castle are extremely helpful. While traveling i had problems with my laptop and they were able to provide me with a laptop while they trouble shot and repaired my laptop. This was all done in lightning speed. I would recommend them to anyone local or traveling in the Orlando area. Thanks for the help guys Gary

    Rating: garybvegas

  • Get fantastic service with Orlando’s Computer Castle: If you want a computer built to your needs with reliable responsive service, then seriously consider Computer Castle. I’ve bought five computers from Computer Castle over the last 20 years and can say from experience that you will feel very confident and happy doing business with Computer Castle. Please note that I said you would be “happy doing business” rather than “purchase”. You can “purchase” a computer from any of the big box stores or mail order houses, however, you will not have a business relationship with them. You will save a few bucks if you go the big box route, however, it is not worth enduring the frustration and hassles of trying to get even a few simple questions answered when something goes wrong. I’ve called Kevin (he is the owner) on occasion when a program stops working or I’ve messed-up something; he is always very friendly and helpful and walks me through the problem and we get it solved together. So if you are tired of the impersonal world we live in and want to get back where someone actually knows you and wants to help you with your computer needs, then Computer Castle is your answer. From a very happy and satisfied customer for 20 years. B Babcock

    Rating: bbabcock

  • ORLANDO'S COMPUTER COMPANY IS THE BEST!!! If anyone out there is looking for a company to handle all of your networking for small business or for your home or any other computer issues, you should call Computer Castle right away! THEY ARE GREAT AT PROBLEM SOLIVING, REPAIRING AND NETWORKING YOUR COMPUTER ISSUES. I have been using Computer Castle for over 12 years. I'm a manager in health care and I first starting using them years ago when I was managing physician's offices before I started my own business. I thought they were so great then, that when I changed jobs, I called them again to set the new offices, they set up our servers, connected all the computers, problem solved, figured out solutions and maintained all the computer issues in the office's!! Make sure you ask for Kevin! He is the owner, and he is always dedicated and available to answer my calls, when problems arise, he will walk u though them until he gets out there. I highly recommend them for small business,to any size business that needs help. I have had my own business now for 6 years now and I can always count on Computer Castle to help me continue to grow my business! JS

    Rating: JLS Healthcare